Bow street studios began as a journey I stepped into 10 years ago.  I was a young woman, twenty-four years, with my one year old son sitting on my hip.

Over the past decade I have grown the business to where it is today.

For me this place has become like the big old Pohutukawa tree, a loving and consistent presence that has rooted down beside me.

I am so grateful– for the livelihood, the specialness of this place, and for the endurance I have found.

I have recently transitioned the business to self-check in and the office is run fully online– I hope this website provides you with all the information you need, and if you do have any additional questions please flick me an email.. dominique.

Orca photo credit: Stephen Freeman.
Orca pods visit Raglan twice a year right outside the Apartments & Cottage 🙂